15 facts you need to know about SEO, Online Marketing, and the World Wide Web

Ranking and being popular In the World Wide Web is difficult to reach when you don’t know how the algorithm works. You may be left out by other companies using marketing online. However, anyone can learn! To begin, let’s first look at some facts about SEO, Online Marketing, and the World Wide Web.

Here are some interesting facts and statistics you need to know:

  1. In the top 5 search results on the SERPs, you’ll get 75% user clicks.
  2. Around the world, there are 131 billion searches performed on the web every month.
  3. There are 70% of the links were clicked or opened by an actual organic user.
  4. Google-owned shares around 65-70% in the search engine market.
  5. Blogs are very important for the business. There are 81% of companies consider their blogs as an asset to have.
  6. The top two internet activities mostly people used are search and e-mail.
  7. It a must have a page The most important on-page element after content.
  8. There are 75% of SEO is off-page and 25% is on-page.
  9. According to statistics, around 70-80% of users ignore the paid ads and focused more on the organic results.
  10. 50% of search users begin their search with a mobile device and this percentage will only increase.
  11. Making your video as your landing page, make it 53% possible to show up on the first-page on Google search.
  12. Only the 75% of users scroll down to past the first page of the search results.
  13. The highest correlated social factor in SEO ranking is Google +.
  14. For the smartphones, the conversion rates results are 15 times higher from search than the social.
  15. The most challenging in the SEO industry is link building. For corporate marketers, they only cited by 41% and for keyword research only 39%.

Having these facts make you aware of what you should do to rank your business in the field of the internet. A lot of options and guidelines you can have to be able to start. Even these facts may or may not affect your business, but it will be a reminder for you. SEO is evolving. A lot of changes will occur in the future. You can seek advice from the experts or do it yourself! This guarantees that your business will successfully reach its rank in Google.


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