Preventative Measures For Health And Safety


We here at Shared Global are always looking for ways to improve health standards from every day living to workplace safety to better health insurance rates.  We strive to do everything we can to ensure the safety of all individuals and one of those ways is to provide information on preventative measures for health and safety especially in the workplace.  Throughout current years, we’ve found that the stats for workplace safety have gotten worse.  There’s been more accidents and negligent actions that have resulted in devastating consequences, and we truly believe most of these accidents could have been prevented if the right information was in place.  For example, with proper heights training, we could prevent injuries while working at heights for all employees of companies.  This can be easily taught in a classroom where there are no distractions.  When provided with the proper, accurate training, there should be no room for negligent mistakes.  Accidents like falling from a dangerous height can be prevented when the right safety features are in place and taught to employees.

Many employees do not know that they may ask for proper training when they feel there is not enough information on the tasks at hand.  Many workers don’t fully take advantage of their rights in a company.  For example, many workers don’t know about worker’s compensation and the viable options when an accident occurs.  Employers should also know fully what they can do to provide the best environment for their workers.  Employers can’t control an earthquake hitting their building, but they can control the building environment and safety features.  Employers can also control the amount of knowledge their workers have in these types of situations.  If you need more information, check out the schedule of training and classes for JHSC for classes and online workshops to enhance workplace safety.  We cannot stress the importance of improving workplace standards so that accidents and mistakes can be prevented.  The first step in preventing workplace accidents is to place preventative measures for health and safety.


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